Fitting and Care Instructions

Here are some tips, tricks and things to know to ensure you get the best from your Moulded Ear Plugs


It is important to get the fitting of your plugs right before you go into the water. If not fitted correctly, they may become dislodged and fall out. In our experience, this happens most often the first time they are used.

Everyone’s ears are different and sometimes different techniques work better for some ears. So check out the images below to find out what works for you and your ears.

Don’t forget we are very happy to receive a photo of your ear plugs in your ears if you want to know if they are fitted correctly.


Cleaning and care

If you look after your ear plugs they should provide you with years of healthy ears. We don’t offer any guaranteed time span for your Moulded earplugs but we know people who have used theirs for years and they are still going strong. The plug pictured in black and white spent over 6 months being washed around in the local beach break and despite a few holes from sea flea bites, it still fits well!

To prolong the life of your ear plugs we recommend:

  • Rinsing salt water off regularly
  • Keeping them in your pouch when not in use
  • Rinsing the pouch too
  • Using a silicon grease for lubrication and improved seal
  • Avoiding petroleum based products (like vaseline)
  • Noting the advice below about filters and cords


Our acoustic filters are designed to be replaceable. If you notice one is missing, please replace it as soon as possible before using your plugs in the water. You can order replacements from our shop page.

Sometimes when you are in the water the filter may seem blocked. This can be due to water sitting on top of the membrane – just give it a tap or gentle swipe upwards and it should clear.

Overtime, the fine mesh in your filtered ear plugs may collect debris and become blocked. This can impede the transfer of sound and thus your ability to hear. We expect this to take 18 months to 2 years, possibly longer. This process can be slowed down by regular cleaning.

If you use your plugs for snorkelling and spear fishing it is particularly important that you are able to equalise. Thus it may be sensible to replace your filters more frequently.


Our cord is designed to be detachable so that you can remove it when it suits: for example when wearing a hood in the winter. When removing the cord, hold it close to the plug and ease it gently out to the side (do not pull it out straight). When replacing make sure the cord is snuggly fitted back in the hole and press in place all around the cord.

Please be careful not to rely on the cord attachment if you leave your ear plugs dangling from your neck. If your plugs are out of your ears for any length of time (eg when walking back to your car) we would recommend tucking the plugs in the neck or zip area of your wetsuit for security.

Please note: Although a custom plug provides the best seal it is not always possible for them to be 100% watertight. If a small amount of water enters the ear then it is warmed and thus protection against the progression of Surfer’s Ear is maintained.

Similarly, although the plugs are a snug and comfortable fit we are unable to guarantee their security if incorrectly inserted or in 100% of wipeouts. In the absence of ear protection a direct impact to the side of your head can rupture an ear drum: such a fall is rare but in some impacts an earplug may be dislodged from the ear.