Filtered Earplugs Online Order Form

Colour Options

You can choose a different colour for each plug to help with identification or the same for each (they have colour coded logos so you know which plug goes in which ear). Please note: for the best seal and comfort, we recommend the extra soft colours in the bottom row.

Marbled Colour Mixes

It is possible to order a marbled colour mix (+£10). If you would like a colour mix, let us know below.

Cord Option

Most clients choose a detachable cord for their new earplugs to limit the risk of loosing them. The long cord is favoured by most – the short cord is more suited to swimmers and people who want to limit drag from the cord. Whilst our earplugs do not usually fall out we cannot guarantee against it as certain types of impact may result in an earplug coming loose. It is worth saying that some people have used their earplugs for years without a cord and without loosing them.