About Us

Just a few of the people who wear our plugs

All the people here have their own ear health stories. They wear our plugs because they rely on them to protect their ears and because they value Claire’s knowledge and expertise.

These people all provide invaluable feedback ensuring we can continuously develop our products and services.

We don’t really have sponsored team riders or ambassadors in the traditional sense: we don’t pay people to use and endorse our products but we do enjoy good working relationships with all these people and if you are concerned about your ear health, are interested in working with us and feel you have something to offer in return then please get in touch.

Who are Moulded?

Moulded© is a family business, run by Claire and Chris Roynon based in the heart of West Cornwall’s surfing community. 

We are dedicated to keeping your ears healthy so that you can make the most of every opportunity to get in cold water, without the worry of associated ear health issues.

Claire is a highly experienced audiologist who worked in the ENT department of Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust for 25 years and has probably seen more surfer’s ear than just about any other practitioner in the UK.

Claire did much of her work with children and young people and is passionate about the importance of education and encouraging the use of ear protection for young enthusiasts to avoid permanent ear damage.

More recently, as a partner in the now dissolved SurfMouldPro, Claire ran clinics all over the UK and Ireland providing secure ear protection for thousands of ocean enthusiasts.

She has been taking impressions for custom fitted ear plugs for nearly 30 years and is really proud of just how good the current Moulded plugs are compared to many that she has fitted over the years.

The plugs themselves were designed by Claire’s colleague,  Audiologist Tom Brown. In collaboration with one of the UK’s leading custom ear product manufacturers he has certainly created an exceptional product! 

Moulded plugs are now limiting the progression and impact of Surfer’s ear and minimising the frequency of Swimmer’s ear for thousands of clients worldwide.

The other half of Moulded©, Chris has been surfing since the age of 13 and spent many hours in the ocean before that.

His mum knew of the risks of surfer’s ear as she had friends who had undergone canaloplasty surgery. Unfortunately he didn’t heed the advice to wear ear protection and by the his mid 20s was already suffering the all too familiar regular bouts of deafness and ear infections. He has worn ear plugs ever since and those earplugs have saved him from the dreaded ear surgery.

Chris has a degree in engineering and previously worked as a windsurfing sailmaker, in exhibition design and primary education. He has a passion for product development and the associated ocean testing!